Income Tax Faceless Assessments

Faceless Assessments

Faceless Assessments

India has come a long way in its endeavour to automate its tax administration and data processing. The newest and brightest feather in the ‘Digital Indian Tax Administration Cap’ is the introduction of the ‘New Scheme of Faceless Assessment 2019’ more popularly known as “Faceless Assessments”, encompassing within its fold the use of new technologies like ‘machine learning’, ‘artificial intelligence’ and ‘advanced algorithm-based data analytical tools’.

The New Scheme of faceless, jurisdiction-less and paper-less ‘Faceless Assessments 2019’ has been notified by the Ministry of Finance vide its Official Gazetted Notification No. 61/2019 dated 12.9.2019 and it has been made operational w.e.f. AY 2018-19 onwards for conducting of the regular assessments of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

In the ‘New Scheme of ‘Faceless Assessments 2019’, the conventional manual mode of conducting of regular assessments involving physical interface and verbal communication between the taxpayers and the assessing authorities has been completely done away with and all the communication/interface between the taxpayers and the assessing authorities shall be done electronically only via the ‘e-Proceedings’ utility in the registered ‘e-Filing’ accounts of the taxpayers, available at e-filing website of Income-tax department.

On the ‘e-proceedings’ platform, all the income tax notices, questionnaires, intimations, orders and other communications from the Income-tax department are directly sent to the taxpayers’ registered ‘e-filing’ account in the ‘e-filing’ portal of the Income-tax department website.

The manner, mode and methodology of the conducting of these income-tax faceless assessments involving therein the viewing and retrieving of ‘e-scrutiny’ notices and requisitions in the registered ‘e-filing accounts’ as well as ‘e-filing’ and uploading of ‘e-responses’ to such requisitions, is a highly skilled and technical task involving a thorough understanding and knowledge of the tax laws, case laws, legal jurisprudence and the factual matrix.

How TaxAaram can Help You

TaxAaram will ensure its valued registered users, all their tax-assessments related compliances done, in a faceless and paperless manner, within the comforts of their homes, without even the requirement of visiting the income-tax department or tax consultants’ office.

TaxAaram will offer its valued registered users, the seamless and hassle-free, e-filing of effective and qualitative ‘e-responses’ to all the intimations, scrutiny/assessment/penalty notices, scrutiny questionnaires, and requisitions under sections 143(1)/143(2)/142(1)/148/274/270A/271(1)(c) of the Income-tax Act, within the statutory timelines, in the most professional and cost-effective manner.

The ‘assessments/penalty’ ‘e-responses/submissions’ prepared and brainstormed by ‘TaxAaram’ will be available to be viewed and approved by the registered users electronically before being uploaded in the e-Proceedings utility in the e-filing portal of the Income-tax department.

This revolutionary and path-breaking e-service in relation to Faceless Assessments, is taxpayer friendly and cost-effective as besides saving precious time of the registered users, it will also provide them with a 24X7 anytime/ anywhere access to the ‘e-submissions’ documents and information filed electronically with the income-tax department by TaxAaram, on behalf of its registered users.

A Specimen of TaxAaram’s qualitative e-services in relation to Faceless Assessment Notice u/s 143(2), depicting the complete role and support of TaxAaarm, is enclosed here, for ready reference of the worthy readers.

TaxAaram's Income Tax Faceless Assessments Plans