Lower TDS Certificate


Lower TDS Certificate

e-Application for Obtaining e-Certificate for Deduction of TDS/Withholding Tax at Lower/Nil Rate

Legislature, by insertion of Chapter XVII-B in the Income Tax Act, 1961, has casted the responsibility of deducting and depositing tax at source (TDS), at applicable rates, in relation to the income of the recipient taxpayer, upon the payer of such income. The recipient taxpayer can claim credit of this TDS at the time of filing his/her annual ITR.

However, at times, the recipient taxpayer may not have taxable income or his/her effective tax rate may be lower than the applicable TDS rate. In such cases, it becomes very tedious and time consuming for the taxpayer to claim income-tax refund in respect of excess TDS being deducted on his/her income.

In order to remove such hardship of the taxpayer, there are provisions in section 197/195 of the Income Tax Act, wherein the taxpayer may file an application for obtaining Certificate for deduction of TDS at lower/nil rate.

Currently, such application for obtaining Certificate for deduction of TDS/Withholding Tax at lower/nil rateis to be filed electronically in prescribed Form 13, by the tax-payer/deductee in the TRACES website, as per procedure specified herein.

How TaxAaram can Help You

TaxAaram, on receiving the necessary e-mandate/authorization from its valued registered users, will renderseamless and hassle-free e-service in relation to electronic filing of application for obtaining Certificate for deduction of TDS/Withholding Tax at lower/nil rate, in prescribed Form 13, and will assistin preparing and compiling all relevant and supporting records, documents and financials, and the registered users will get such e-services, in the most professional and cost-effective manner, within the comforts of their homes, without even the requirement of visiting the income-tax department or tax consultants’ office.

The e-application prepared and brainstormed by ‘TaxAaram’ will be available to be viewed and approved by the registered users electronically before being uploaded in the TRACES utility in the e-filing portal of the Income-tax department.

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