Tax Planning and Compliances

Tax Planning and Compliances

e-Tax Consultancy

TaxAaram is a web-based e-interface utility for all your management/tax related planning and compliances, in a faceless and paperless manner, within the comforts of your homes, without having the requirement to visit any tax office or consultant’s office, in a hassle-free, professional and cost-effective manner.

How TaxAaram can Help You

TaxAaram, on receiving the necessary e-mandate/authorization from its valued registered users, will renderseamless and hassle-free,e-consultancy services in relation to capital structure optimisation, tax optimisation, mergers & acquisitions optimisation, statutory compliances optimisation and MSME’s finance & liquidity optimisation.

The valued registered users will get such e-services in the most professional and cost-effective manner,within the comforts of their homes, without even the requirement of visiting the tax office or the consultants’ office.

TaxAaram's e-Tax Consultancy Plans